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Must See Places In San Francisco

San Francisco is irrefutably one of the most enthralling cities of the USA. It offers some of the most unique traveling experiences to the millions of tourists every year. Leaving San Francisco (SF), like many other cities, will be one difficult thing to do.

If you are fed up listening to the countless experiences of your friend who has come back from San Francisco, then, firstly, don’t blame him/her because San Francisco has the potential to leave people mesmerized for a very long time and, secondly, you too can explore San Francisco, without hurting your life savings!

Here is a list of places that you must see in San Francisco:

1. Alcatraz Island

By now, perhaps from your storytelling friend, you must have heard about the Alcatraz Island in Californian Bay. Alcatraz, formerly a military prison, is now a tiny little island in the San Francisco Bay open to tourists all year. This particular island is supposedly one of the most heavily visited islands on planet Earth. Isn’t that something? Quite often, visitors of this island are left with stunning heart-throbbing views and amusing prison stories. Since Alcatraz Island is so massively popular, it can sometimes be difficult to get entry and ferry tickets. There have been instances when visitors have paid five to six times more the prices for visiting the island on the same day. In order to avoid last minute cancellations or delays, it is ideal to hire the services of local San Francisco city tour companies that can help you arrange tickets for the island at reasonable rates. Do not miss out Alcatraz Island for whatever reason!

2. Telegraph Hill

Geographically speaking, the whole of San Francisco is small, and is situated at the tip of a peninsula with hills and valleys. The city has approximately 44 hills, and Telegraph Hill is one of the original “Seven Hills” of San Francisco. Vans and buses are not allowed to enter this exclusive hill, and therefore, it isn’t a much known hill in San Francisco. However, it can be said and believed that Telegraph Hill is a hidden treasure of SF, not explored by many tourists. This particular hill is covered with lovely architecture and is sure to lure its visitors through the splendid scenic beauty. Coit tower atop the Hill is apparently one of the best photo spots. Since we have established that vans and buses are restricted, so how do we get here? It is a good idea to choose San Francisco private tour companies that offer excellent full/half day trips in SF. These companies arrange SUV tours, which are allowed to enter the hill.

3. Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most photographed things on Earth. This spectacular bridge is visited by hundreds and thousands of tourists every year. Golden Gate Bridge is certainly a piece of impeccable engineering art. It is highly recommended that the bridge is crossed either on a bike or on foot, so that you take ample amount of photos. Also, do not forget to make your way to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. You will get to see spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge from the Recreation Area. Moreover, there are also some really good walking trails and a Walt Disney museum.

4. Lombard Street

Lombard Street is perhaps the world’s most winding streets, and shouldn’t be missed for anything. It is advisable to embark a ride on cable cars from Market Street and be sure to get off at Lombard Street. You will have to wait in a line before your turn to getting access to the cable car comes but the wait is definitely worthwhile. Cable cars are super fun. Don’t forget to check out other cable car riders on Lombard Street, and see how they navigate such sharp turns.

San Francisco usually attracts the free-spirited types and art connoisseurs’ and art lovers. Also, a lot of adventure streak is needed in SF. To travel cheap in San Francisco is possible, provided you act wise in selecting hotels, dining places and local tour companies.

The city has some of the most spectacular views to offer, amazing night life and great people. Hope this article helps you in exploring SF in the best possible manner, and not hurt your savings badly.

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